Tuesday, March 22

Projects, lately.

 I saw some wall art at Target that I really liked, but it was $30! So I figured I might be able to recreate it myself, using different materials.  This is the result:

 I really like the little bird.  But I just like birds.

And then yesterday, I decided to make some pinwheels for decorations! I wish we had better paper, but I still like how they turned out. A nice way to welcome spring.

And then I made some delicious Snickerdoodle popcorn.  I got the basic recipe HERE, from Picky Palate.  But I tweeked the recipe since I didn't have everything... I used the microwavable butter popcorn... and regular cinnamon... and instead of white chocolate, I sprinkled powered sugar over it.  It was pretty good, I must say.  I would recommend it.

Tata for now!