Friday, June 24

Moving on over.

So it's official. I will be posting solely on the Jensen fam blog, 

Be sure to follow us over there!!

Thursday, June 23


So I am trying to figure out how to combine blogs in a way that won't be completely abandoning this one. First, because I just redid the look and I love it. Second, because I have so much on this blog from the past four years, and it would be so sad just to dump it.

But I would love for our Jensen blog to become the primary blog, and then the Providence website to be our ministry blog.

I think I will update the family blog a little and then perhaps say goodbye to this one. I won't delete it, just let it sit for ever and ever and ever.

Wednesday, June 22

lovely internet finds

First, if you would like some lovely, free music by Josh Garrels, you should click HERE. You won't regret it.

Second, check out this super awesome coffee table. Well scratch that. I have been trying to add a picture for the past hour, but since blogger fails at life, it will not add.  So just click HERE to see an awesome blogpost on an awesome coffee table.  I am in love. We have multiple pieces of furniture that need to be painted... A coffee table, three book shelves, two bedside tables and a dresser. I would love to do something like this for the coffee table. I am trying to think of a different letter or number we could stamp on the top.

Actually, if you have any suggestions on how to resurface a dresser, please share. I was thinking a distressed green to match our duvet.

Tuesday, June 21

state pillows

 Today, Nick and I tackled a fun little project. We made state pillows for our next home! I drew out the states on the fabric and cut them out. Nick sewed them using my grandmother's sewing machine, and then I stuffed them and added the finishing touches.

We placed little homes at the cities where we have lived.

 Missouri! Probably the easiest of the three.

 Tejas! My personal favorite. I love the fabric.

And Rhode Island... Minus the islands. Sorry, Newport. This one was definitely the most difficult of the three.  First, it's weird to make something so small on a map so large on fabric. Second, RI has so many little islands and such, and the bay goes right up to Providence. But I didn't want the pillow to have an awkward handle. So I sewed on some blue fabric to be the Bay. 

Needless to say, I am pleased. I am envisioning them sitting in the rocking chair Nick made. 

Just a few things.

A. I desperately want to make the Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee. It looks so amazing. And I love good iced coffee.

B. Speaking of good, iced coffee, a trip to Waco is in order. WOOOHOOOO. It has been entirely too long since I have walked around Baylor's campus, sipping Cowboy Coffee, feeling astute. We are hoping to visit this week.

C. Third, you should check out THIS WEBSITE to see what new adventures are around the corner for the Jolly Jensens.  Jolly makes us sound like pirates. The Jensen scallywags are about to set sail on a new escapade. I guess jolly could also allude to Santa Claus. But when I think of "ho ho ho," I think of "yo ho yo ho" which brings me back to pirates.  Yarrrrrg....

D. While I was working out yesterday, I was watching the Disney channel, of course. And I realized that Disney has already moved on to a new generation of stars.  And now I feel especially old. I feel like I had finally come to grips with shows like Wizards of Waverly Place replacing Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. But now those are being replaced with shows like Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up, whose stars are even younger than my baby brother! Maybe it's time to watch more cooking shows.

E. Speaking of cooking, if you don't make this chicken pot pie recipe (just add chicken instead of turkey), you will be judged.

That is all. Peace and blessings.

Wednesday, June 15

For Better or Bratwurst.

Meet Kaitlyn. You have seen her before.

Kaitlyn just got married, and has started a food blog. And it's awesome.

Check it out. Follow it. Cook. Be merry.

Me: I love you, my little petunia.
Nick: I love you, my wildebeest.


Tuesday, June 14

Nick and I worked on this craftiness most of yesterday afternoon.  
We made the J out of cardboard, hot glued the pieces together, 
and then glued/stapled the padding and fabric to the cardboard.  
I love the fabric. I found it in my Icee's closet. 
She thinks it was my great grandmother's.

Today I am working on the book Kaitlyn and I are writing. Tomorrow, I would love to make Texas, Missouri, and Rhode Island shaped pillows for our couches.

Sunday, June 12

lessons learned.

Sometimes, my husband steals the covers while he is sleeping.

I used to try to pull them back over, and then just whimper until he woke up and gave them back.

But I've learned that hitting him is much more effective.