Monday, July 26

Texas on my mind

So, I have been in Missouri for the past week, and will be here for another week and a half, but here are some things we have done:

- Ate at Lambert's, home of the throwed roll. It makes me cringe to write out "throwed," but that's how they spell it, so I will stay true.

- Made cake balls and ranch pretzels

- Explored downtown Columbia, Mizzou, and saw Inception!

- Visited Nick's family in Kansas City and wandered around the Plaza with one of his close friends.

- Played in the grass in front of the capitol building as the sun set.

- Had a campfire complete with mosquitoes and s'mores.

- Covered a canvas with paint swatches.

- Tried to learn how to skate board. I must say, I improved greatly in the short time I tried.

- Completed Crazy Birds on our iPhones.

Tomorrow, we are going to go on a mullet search. Wednesday, we are going to the lake! I have been reading Jane Eyre during quiet moments, thanks to the free BookReader app!

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