Wednesday, August 11

Love is not proud

The next part of the verse is "Love is not proud." I wanted to do a male peacock because they seem like proud creatures to me... and I just thought it would look cool. :)
This is definitely not my favorite... I still like my owl one the best. I am trying to decide if I should outline each feather with black like I did the body. Any thoughts?

Love is not proud: We all know the sting of someone else's prideful words, but we often don't notice when we ourselves are being prideful. After reading Matthew Henry's Commentary and Henry Drummond's The Greatest Thing in the World, I came to an interesting conclusion. Love forgets itself. Drummond describes humility as, "To put a seal upon your lips and forget what you have done." I cannot truly love when I love myself and my accomplishments more than others.


Allison said...

i like it--i like the whole collection. too cute, hales. oh, and i think outlining the other feathers might be cool/it might be too much?! i don't know. my first thought was to say outline them but now i'm second guessing because you might want the body to stand i think i'll just ramble on and on...okay...done. i love you.

Rachel said...

i say don't outline, the way you have it makes the peacock look 3D :)

and thinking about peacocks, made me remember how you felt so bad for the albino peacock at my bridal luncheon. you are so loving, even toward albino you Halers.