Tuesday, June 21

state pillows

 Today, Nick and I tackled a fun little project. We made state pillows for our next home! I drew out the states on the fabric and cut them out. Nick sewed them using my grandmother's sewing machine, and then I stuffed them and added the finishing touches.

We placed little homes at the cities where we have lived.

 Missouri! Probably the easiest of the three.

 Tejas! My personal favorite. I love the fabric.

And Rhode Island... Minus the islands. Sorry, Newport. This one was definitely the most difficult of the three.  First, it's weird to make something so small on a map so large on fabric. Second, RI has so many little islands and such, and the bay goes right up to Providence. But I didn't want the pillow to have an awkward handle. So I sewed on some blue fabric to be the Bay. 

Needless to say, I am pleased. I am envisioning them sitting in the rocking chair Nick made. 


I'm Ransomed said...

I think you need to look at a map of Texas and do some adjustments.

hales said...

I was looking at a map of texas when I drew it. I realize that east texas is a little long but it was too late.

lize said...

Hi, well I
m from Texas, and yes it is a little off. but still nice none the less. Missouri is one I'd like to make my daughter just started attending MBTS, we are so proud but miss her dearly. If you would i'd love the template to make her a pillow. Thanks,lize

QPT said...

so cute state pillows!!!

Kids enjoying the waterewYork