Wednesday, May 7

Oh finals

So finals are here. Oh joy. I have two on Thursday, two on Friday, and one on Saturday. And yet I am already tired of studying. I want to go home. I want to sleep in my real bed, lay on my real couch, and brush my teeth at my real sink. In less than a week, if I survive, I will be waking up to siblings getting ready for school and dogs barking. I cannot wait!

I am really worried about my first final. Social world, or political philosophy. Not really my thing. So obviously, class did not hold my attention. ha! Should be very interesting. My second final is on US history. I have learned a lot in this class. More than I thought I would. So many details to events that we have always considered common knowledge. It is amazing all the background work that people put into causing and reacting to these events.

I am almost done. That is what I have to keep thinking. Almost.

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Lacey said...

i heart you and your blog.
so i shall be the first to comment...

i too am quite nervous about the social world final. i really should've paid more attention in there... its funny, all my notes taper off into nothingness and the last two weeks i have next to nothing.
that is when we started getting good at the crosswords.

i love cultures and i'm very sad that class is over... its the class throughout my college "career" i've always enjoyed. i really wish i would've had more time to do all the readings becuase they were great... such a good class.

ohmygoodness. home is so close. going home yesterday was like a really mean teaser.

meg92086 said...

i heart you hales! thanks for throwing me a bone in your blog lol.. i can't wait to see you. good luck with finals!:)