Friday, June 27

Week four-- coming to a close

Well I am going to post some today and then some tomorrow!!

I am on my in town night off... I just got done eating at Julian's with the Castle Rock peeps. I sat at a table with all guys and it was HYSTERICAL.

This week has been ROUGH. Our secretary is on a cruise in the Mediterranean. So I have been helping by filling in where I can. I am SO tired. Yesterday, I was in the office by myself doing paper work for 30 minutes, the phone rang, and I forgot how to answer it.

On Sunday I had to go to the nurse bc my stomach was hurting so bad. I laid on the bed and drank Gatorade for an hour... But only because the health assistants had forgotten about me. hah. I ended up going to bed early because I couldn't even stand up straight.

Tuesday, I got to take a little girl to DirectCare around 7 pm... she had a 102.2 fever... or in her words, a 122.2 fever. That's what she kept telling the nurses. They sent me to the emergency room with her, to "rule out appendicitis." I was FREAKING out! My boss met us half way and I followed him to the hospital. This little girl was in the crib, so fresh out of first grade... She was precious. But she did NOT want them to take her blood. She screamed and cried and flailed her arms around... I had to hold her hand in one hand and then hold her down with the other. It was SO sad, I was almost in tears. Then the nurse missed the vein, so we had to do it all over again with the other arm. I was so so so sad. Tears were just streaming down her face. Her mom finally got there so I drove back to camp. Turns out she was perfectly fine, but she still went home with her mom... but she's coming back next week! I'm so stoked...
Here is a great quote from that night:
Preface-- she lives around a lot of Mormons...

Me: Do yall have starbucks where yall live?
Her: Yes, we do... We have a lot of starbucks because Mormons have a lot of kids.

haha yessss.

Here is a question I got asked today... Chew on it till next time: Is true love complicated or simple?


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