Sunday, July 13

ruined cont.

hahahaha so Jeff and I showed up to breakfast wearing the exact same thing week 5. While I thought it was hilarious, he seemed quite bothered and requested to change.

Ok so a real update on my week 6.

I had an interesting cabin. They fought, hit each other, bossed each other around... When we would walk places 3 would be 30 feet ahead of me and 2 would be 20 feet behind me. Some of them were blatantly disobedient. My cabin won first on every single thing we could win. Culture Shock, Pitch Black Attack, the Spirit Stick, Pit N Palace... you name it, we won it. Yet they were so disobedient. On Wednesday during club, I just broke down during the slow worship. They were standing there talking and arguing and being completely distracting... I was so frustrated, I had given them everything they had wanted. They wanted the Spirit stick, I helped them win it. They wanted to win Pit N Palace, I showed them what it took to win... Yet they were still disobedient and mean... And during this time of major break down, I heard God say, "Haley, that's you. I have given you everything you need to be satisfied. Yet you still run ahead, or drag your feet behind Me. You disobey and you fail to love." oooh snap. I also felt really convicted about finding joy in these girls and loving them unconditionally, regardless of how they treated me or each other. By Thursday, they had to be disciplined, and that really helped. They started being nice to each other and really treating each other with respect.

On Thursday, I had my one on one with the space cadet of the century. This girl was hilarious. She wore the same thing every day. She claimed her mom did not pack her regular clothes, just clothes for special occasions... She would climb up on other people's bunks looking for her own. She would walk in the closet looking for the bathroom. And she said the funniest things.
During our one-on-one, we were asking each other questions, and it was her turn... She leaned back in her chair, put her arms behind her head, and said, with a completely serious face:
"So, what's your angle?"
"What's your angle?"
"What do you mean?!?"
"I don't know, I just saw it on tv, and I thought I would try it out to see what your reaction was."

She then asked our program director if she should be Mary or Jesus for the Christmas night... Todd was like, "Mary, definitely." hahaha.

On Saturday, I got to meet this precious girls parents. They were the coolest people I have ever met. I talked to the mom for like 10 minutes. They live close to Waco and want me to hang out with their daughter!! yayy! It was such a God thing and an answer to prayer on their part.

I also have a really cool story about spiritual warfare but I don't feel like typing it would give it justice so you can call me for it. haha.

Work Crew next week... I'm really glad... I'm getting sick and so I need some rest... and last week was chaotic. To say the least.


Song of Blessing

Woe to me I am unclean
A sinner found in Your presence
I see you seated on Your throne
Exalted, Your Glory surrounds You

Now the plans that I have made
Fail to compare when I see your glory

Ruin my life the plans I have made
Ruin desires for my own selfish gain
Destroy the idols that have taken Your place
'Till its You alone I live for,
You alone I live for.

(Ruin Me-- Jeff Johnson)

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