Thursday, October 21

2 months. 2 weeks. 2 days.

In 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days, I am moving to a town with an estimated population of 18,438 people. There is no Target, no Starbucks, no Chick-fil-a. The only sit-down major chain restaurants are Denny's and Applebees.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal. But let me paint a picture for you. I grew up in a "town" with an estimated population of 273,611 people. This town has around 20 Starbucks, 2 Targets, and 4 Chick-Fil-As. It is part of a metroplex with an estimated population of 6,447,615 people. When I went to college, I moved to a town of 126,217 people. This place was considered small and lame to most of its college inhabitants. I spent my summers in outside a town of 83,650 people. So basically, this is a big deal, people.

While it kind of freaks me out that a Target will now be a special event place instead of where I go when I get homesick or bored, I am still really excited about starting my new life such a new way.

Reason #1:

I mean, look at him. He's adorable. As much as I love skype, I can't wait to get to hang out with my best friend every day in real life.

Reason #2:
The weather.

This is partially true, and partially a fear. I am going to be there in the dead of winter. It snows there. A lot. Like, it's normal. I am excited because it is a change. Maybe I will like the cold weather! And I also love the clothes that go along with cold weather.

Reason #3:
New adventures.

As much as I am going to miss Common Grounds and IKEA and Target, I am excited to create new adventures with my soon-to-be husband! Everything will be new for me so I will just have to drop my expectations and get ready to learn.

Reason #4:
New friends.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I do not make friends quickly. But once I make them, I keep them. Being in Rolla will be a challenge for me, because I will only there for about the same time that it takes me to make friends. Ha. So, if I want to have any friends besides Nick and the 3 other guys I know, I am going to have to be vulnerable. Obviously, I want to have community with some of the girls who go to Nick's school. I know this is going to be difficult and painful for me but I am excited to jump in.

So, with that said, please keep in contact with me when I move. Skype is great. So is the phone. I am also a fan of written letters. :)

2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days...

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