Tuesday, March 24

i'm the bomb like tick tick

So, just to let the 3 people who read this know, I am not dead. Almost, but not quite. I'm supposed to be studying for a forensic psychology test. But... I had to take a break. I'm going to be up much later anyway... I just made a common grounds run and got a No Bull. Cowboy Coffee with espresso instead of coffee. I thought about getting the Nervous Breakdown, that has 4 shots of espresso, but I was scared of how the results might turn out. haha. I also got a bag of Cheetos. These are my friends on this dismal night. Along with Matt Nathanson, Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Nettles, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. Please don't criticize my music choice... it's going to be a late night.

The other day, my intramural soccer team played in a tourney... somehow, I ended up as goalie. HAHA. Pictures to come later. Anyway, I guess it turned out ok... Only because I'm not scared of the ball... or people... and the fact that my hand-eye coordination is much better than my foot-eye coordination. Plus the fact that I am ambidextrous so I can never decide which foot to kick the ball with makes offense difficult. It's a disease, I'm sure of it. I also enjoyed making the opponents mad enough that they started cussing me out when I wouldn't let the ball through... SUCCESS. hah. However, I now have bruises all over my legs. Oh and a girl kicked my fingers... inches away from my face. That was awesome.

Bearathon this weekend... I'll be up at 4! sweet! OH and StuFu was asked to attend a reception in our honor at President Garland's house this week! Something that we have no record of ever happening before! It's funny, bc a couple of weeks ago, I was walking past the President's House and thought, "I really want to see the inside of that place someday..."

mk well I am going to end on this note... it's from my Forensic Psych textbook:

* "Each week, child protective services agencies in the US receive approximately 60,000 referrals alleging that children have been abused or neglected. During 2004, an estimated total of 3 million referrals, including approximately 5.5 million children, were made to CPS."

* "The United States has 3 times as many animal shelters as battered women shelters."

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kimberly said...

i totally read your blog.. and thanks for the shout out a while ago. i meant to comment then but lo and behold, i didn't.

do well. i hope you don't get the shakes too bad from all that caffeine.