Thursday, March 26


For some reason, I always have a strong urge to blog when I need to study.

I have been feeling very opinionated recently. There is something else I have been wanting to write here, but I have resisted. Maybe some other time.

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone, and the topic makes you so angry that you can't contain yourself and you go off on a rant about the subject, and the other people are just sitting there staring at you, not because they disagree, but because your sentence was so long they thought you were going to pass out from lack of air to the lungs?
Once, I was sitting with a group of stufuers, and we were discussing mega-churches, and the pros and cons. That led to a very drawn out, never ending sentence about how these churches line their children ministry walls with flat screen tvs and gaming systems and spend millions of dollars for uber nice facilities etc. for a couple hours of comfort a week while there are people literally on the other side of those walls who are sleeping on the ground and starving every day. Yes, those churches may be reaching lost souls... But even a small portion of that million dollar budget could actually care for the least of these just down the block. And maybe the children won't get to play Wii during sunday school. (I'm trying really hard not to be sarcastic right now, so this topic ends here.)
A couple of days ago, some friends and I were discussing how some kids at Baylor think it's so cool not to wear shoes anywhere... rain, shine, whatev, they don't wear shoes... It's not because they don't have shoes... Or even because they gave their shoes to someone who doesn't have them. No, actually, sometimes their chacos are hanging from their backpacks. My friend actually got asked why he wears shoes when it feels so much better not to. Now, I hate shoes. Seriously. I think it has to do with growing up running around a gym. But there are people who can't afford shoes. There are people in Dallas who wear houseshoes as they walk around Downtown because they don't have any other kind of shoe. And that's in America. There are people in other countries who get crippling diseases because they don't have shoes. A lot of people. And we snotty, hippie-wanna-be Baylor students have the audacity to walk around with no shoes because we think it looks cool.
I also find it horrifying that some people are more concerned with saving animals than people. Ok ok, the puppies are cute, they all need a home. It really would be really sad if certain animals went extinct... I'm being serious, in case that sounds like mockery. But sometimes I really get the feeling that some of these people would rather the tigers and dogs live than people. Is this another America thing? I really don't know... I do know that there are orphans, homeless people, starving people, neglected children... I feel like at least SOME of this money going to save the dogs and cats could be put to better use feeding humans. Or providing medical care for humans. I'm not saying let all the animals run loose and to let all the elephants die out... But I have serious problems with choosing to feed them and find homes for them and save them when we can't even find homes for the children who have no hope, no food, and no future.

Where there is pain, let there be grace...
Where there is suffering, bring serenity...
For those afraid, help them be brave...
Where there is misery, bring expectancy...
And surely we can change, surely we can change... something.
Let us be the remedy. Let us bring the Remedy.


sicembears said...

Well said. Thanks for putting words to my thoughts too.

nancy said...

love you. love your heart.