Wednesday, April 1

So... this semester has been interesting. Ok I'm just going to be completely honest. It's been awful. The worst semester slash 3 months of my life.
In February, I learned that my brain has a deficiency of serotonin and
noradrenaline... If you have ever had basic psychology or neuroscience, you know what is wrong... Obviously, the symptoms showed up before I was actually diagnosed.

I have to go to class now, but I am tired of lying about how I feel and making it sound like my semester hasn't been that bad and hasn't affected me in huge ways. Because it has. I'm keeping a journal for the days that I feel really bad, so it's been nice to write out everything, since that's how I express myself best. Maybe it can be a memoir some day... :)

And now for Greek... yeah that really helps the situation. haha.'em


livs said...

so have you been having trouble sleepinng at night (insomnia) or problems with depression?

if its the later, you've been in good company this semester. but i typically struggle with depression during the winter months--usually...

and i'm in greek too! hope its been treating you well and not causing too much anxiety ;o)

Garrick D. Conner said...

I totally understand what you mean. There are so many people struggling with both depression and anxiety these days. Hang in there. . . I'm praying for you!