Saturday, September 27

the beauty of Grace is that it makes life not fair

First of all, I just wanted to add some of my favorite pictures from this past week... There are tons more, because I love my camera... but these are some of the faves.
We played dress up this week... procrastination in rare form. Luckily, I did fine on my test the next day. hah.

We also had a tie dye partayy, PCT style. Baylor is slowly turning into hippy central. Actually, not even slowly. I love it. I had a slight crisis at Walmart when I couldn't find rubber bands... What is the point of rubber bands, anyway? Why does every office have them? All I can remember using them for is buffalo hunt and tie dying... and the occasional pony tail holder when a hair rubber band couldn't be found in time for gymnastics.

I had a great convo with my boss. He has known me since I was in 10th grade, I do believe... then he ended up being my boss after 2 years of me working at camp. Pretty fuuunnn stuff. He's also doing my wedding someday. Basically, he's great, and I can't wait to see him soon! Love you, Paps! The first pic is from my senior year when he was still working at the Shores... and the 2nd is from this summer!

This week, something clicked. I don't know why it hadn't ever clicked before... But I was laying on my floor, studying for my history test and greek quiz that were in a couple hours. I was tired of studying and tired in general. I had layed my head down on my arms, closed my eyes, trying to put off studying as long as possible, while still trying hard not to fall back to sleep. I said, "God, I need to you pick me up and carry me today. I'm so tired and I am sick of school." A thought in the back of my head crossed my mind: "He won't carry you, Haley, you haven't hung out with Him today..." Then I heard: "Haley, I will always carry you. My love is not dependent on you or how you treat me." God's unconditional love had been coming up a lot, and while I had been telling others that God's love does not increase or decrease with what we do, I guess I never really let it apply to me. I felt so relieved, yall. We underestimate God and His love by assuming that we have anything to do with it... If we did, He would have no reason to love us.
Luckily for us, life isn't fair.


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