Monday, December 1

when I arrive I bring the fire

I am sitting in Common Grounds as I write this. There is a lady sitting across from me knitting, and two girls in the next room are practicing French. I think. The guy working the cash register looks like Tom Hanks... The actor, not the professor.

I sat outside for the first 10 minutes because there was no seating inside... but the wind is blowing so hard and it's freezing. I came in and found a seat after a few minutes of misery.

I can't believe December is here! I am trying not to get stressed... I feel like my life is saying, "Welcome to December! aka the worst, most miserable 2 weeks of your life!" When I fail out of Baylor, maybe I will just move to London.

Two modern day miracles today:
* In Greek, I was translating a sentence out loud... something about the speaker acquiring the prizes we see with no help from any of the gods in heaven. Anyways, there was one word that I did not understand... So I said, "Not without... something..." Turns out that word meant "something." aha!! He had no idea that I had no idea what the word meant! I was so overjoyed I almost gave myself away... but I refrained from shrieking.

* There is this song that I was trying to explain to Lacey and Rachel last night... I could not remember any line from it or anything... I had heard it on the way back to Waco last night, when I was sitting in stop and go traffic 45 miles north of Waco. I actually heard just about every song ever written through out the course of that trip. And each of them at least twice. Anyway, I heard the song and I couldn't remember anything about it, but I was trying to tell them about it... so I spent seriously 20 minutes trying to find it on Kiss FM's website... no luck. I was rather bummed. So I got in the car earlier today to drive to CG, and THE SONG WAS ON THE RADIO!! I screamed. For those of you who want to know the song, it's "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne. It's a few months old but it's good. haha.

Speaking of new obsessions on the music front, Live Your Life by T.I. and Rihanna is a fave. I mean, everyone knows I am a paper chaser.

Christmas on 5th Street on Thursday!! aka Steven Curtis Chapman slash Robbie Seay Band!! yeahh!

I went to church last night, and it was so good! It was the start of Advent, so Dave led us in Christmas songs!! hooray! And Josh used clips from Polar Express to discuss faith and belief.

Listen to Matt Chandler's sermon from 11.29.08!! oooh man it's legit! Seriously, listen to it!

Book quiz on Wednesday, Research Methods exam and Lifespan exam on Thursday, 10 page paper due on Friday.

Bend down, O lord, and hear my prayer
Answer me, for I need Your help
Protect me, for I am devoted to You
Save me, for I serve You and trust You
You are my God
Be merciful, O Lord
For I am calling on You constantly
Give me happiness, O Lord
For my life depends on You
O Lord, You are
so good
so ready to forgive
so full of unfailing love
[Psalm 86:1-5]

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Jessie said...

What is it with us and music, even across the pond? How much do I love "Let it Rock"? Well, let's just say the second I saw your title I knew what it was from. That is like our jam of Spain. =)