Saturday, November 29

I hate Wal-Mart.,0,1425783.storygallery

WHY?? whhyy?? What could WAL-MART be selling that is SO important that someone gets killed over it?

Lacey... I'm never going to walmart again... you're on your own, girl.

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Jessie said...

I agree, this is the worst most stupid thing in the world. And I read that some people kept shopping and wouldn't leave when they wanted to shut the store for a person's DEATH. Somehow my senora read about this online and she said "this is what a lot of people don't like about Americans, some of them will trample anyone and anything to get the things they want". Which I suppose is true of people all over the world, but really it made me sad that our country once again showed itself worthy of that title. Thanks NY. Ugh. I just also had to vent about this.
On a lighter note, I like you. =) Talk to you soon.