Friday, September 10

Prayer Requests

Hello friends!

I was wondering if you could join me in praying for a couple of things.

The first is for discipline. I am really struggling with remaining disciplined and having the urge to get things done. From Scripture reading to GRE studying to just keeping my room clean, I definitely need some work. Please pray that God teaches me to be disciplined in my tasks so that I can give all glory to God and do everything with excellence. It's hard to perform excellently when you just don't care.

The second is for a beautiful girl named Ellia. Ellia is the three-year-old daughter of Brett and Chris, the chaplains who lived in my dorm freshman year. She is absolutely hysterical and so cute, and her parents are pretty awesome too. Last year, a virus attacked her muscles, causing her to be in severe pain and remain in the hospital for special care. Today, she started experiencing similar symptoms again, and has been admitted into the ICU. Please pray for her and her family!

Thanks, guys! Yall are awesome!

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