Saturday, September 11

Waco, Texas: Food Edition

I miss Waco a lot. If you had asked me three years ago if I would miss Waco when I left, I would have said absolutely not. I loved Baylor, and I loved parts of Waco, but I was never attached to the town. But as I spent 4 years there, it grew on me. Working at Talitha Koum sealed the deal: I love Waco. In case you are ever there, here is a list of places you need to go:

1. Common Grounds-- Great coffee, great atmosphere, need I say more? When you go, I would suggest getting Cowboy Coffee, a 254, or a Summer Sparkler. The Arnold Palmers and frozen flavored coffee drinks are amazing too.

2. Health Camp-- This was my first favorite place in Waco. My family would always go there during trips to Waco when I was younger. It's a super old burger place, and it is DELICIOUS. Get whatever you want, just make sure you try the tator tots... Best tots ever.

3. Bush's Chicken-- Bush's has the best chicken strips for the best price. It's better than Chicken Express, and I will stand by that statement. The tea is better, too, and a lot cheaper.

4. Mr. Snow-- Mr. Snow's sno cones are amazing, and so much cheaper than the ones from Bahama Bucks... Wedding cake with cream is my personal favorite.

5. George's Bar and Grill-- George's is another place we would go to as a family after games when I was little. It's famous for its chicken fried steak, and has been known to occasionally feed President George W. Bush. It was also immortalized in the country song, "College," by Pat Green, who, although did not go to Baylor, did grow up in Waco.

6. Kitok's Restaurant-- Who knew Asian food and hamburgers went so well together?! This place is so random and so hilarious. I would recommend getting a cheeseburger and oriental fries. You have to get the oriental fries, that is not even an option.

7. Katie's Custard-- Katie's is a great place used by Baylor students for many different occasions. I must admit that I like Andy's better, but this isn't a blog about Tyler... Katie's still has great custard with a ton of options.

While there are a ton of other great local places to eat in Waco, these are definitely some great choices. I hope you get to visit Waco soon and try out some of these places.

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