Monday, October 6

Just to know You and be loved is enough

Wow... crazy weekend at the Towers... I think we got a glimpse of what camp would look like without counselors. Mass chaos. Luckily, no one died. Although a few boys almost shot me with their bb guns. They would turn around, guns flailing in the air, needing help... So I started explaining the rules multiple times instead of just twice... One time, I told them that the guns could not leave the stalls... ever. ever. And a boy said, "yeah, just like people can't leave the air..." hmmm okay?

The kids were out of control... because the sponsors were out of control. It's sad when 20-year-old college kids expect and enforce better discipline than the parents present. Slow songs at Club were talked and laughed through... The kids totally had control over the adults, which left the college staff in some awkward positions.

Some of the adults said some mean things, too! But it was so cool because we got to show these kids unconditional love and hopefully set an example for the leaders. We danced with them and played with them and imagined with them and were patient with them and worshiped with them. The leaders would start video taping everything when we would start doing cheers and dances and games with them... that was actually funny. slash awkward.

I have been really thinking about the difference between knowledge of Christ and a relationship with Christ, and I will post about that later... I have to go to work now!



jail keepin

war ballin

I love this picture!

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kimberly said...

Oh Haley... thank you for talking about/posting pictures from camp. It just brings so much warmth to my heart here in Peru. Love you friend!