Friday, October 31

October's been great! Time for November!

I've been praying a lot about prayer lately. I don't remember many sermons at my church from when I was in elementary school. Maybe two. I wasn't ever paying attention. So what I do remember, really stuck with me... Once, my pastor was talking about prayer, and how we should pray for God's will, not our own... Now, it may have been my concrete operational thinking as a 9 or 10 year old, but what I heard was if you pray for God's will to be done, not our own, He will let what you want happen... almost like we change His mind because we are so selfless in our prayers. I'm not sure if this is what he said, or meant... but that's kind of always been in the back of my mind lately. In fact, I feel like that is how a lot of us approach prayer. I'm going to prove to God how great I am by praying for His will, instead of my own, and when He sees how selfless I am, He will give me what I want out of the graciousness of His heart. Of course, we aren't thinking like that... normally these prayers come out in desperation... a loved one sick and dying, really wanting to make a team or get a specific job... But I have to remind myself that when I pray for God to do what He wants, I am telling Him to do whatever He wants, regardless of me. Without trust, that's scary! I have been learning to get it out of my head that when I pray for Him to put me where He wants me, or do with me what He wants, I am completely abandoning my will. It's not about being selfless, it's realizing I am nothing.


Favorite picture from the weekend
waiting on the kids... I have NO idea what we were doing
besties on megaphones
2343 crusty eye lashes...
Check out daniel's sweet moves... she dressed like me, I dressed like her! and we left mass facebook video messages

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laceface said...

we were attempting a jumping picture that went wrong....