Monday, October 20

Radio Let Me Be Your DJ

This is a shallow post. I apologize to those who do not appreciate shallowness. My weekend was so great, so I wanted to share.
A more thoughtful post shall come later. I hope.
After 2 hours in the car, our State Fair adventures had begun! We took this picture right before walking the wrong way to the fair... some parking guy had to stop us and tell us we were going the wrong way... it wasn't my fault! My dad said to follow the people, and there weren't any!!

Lacey had never been to the fair before... so we went to meet Big Tex, of course. We went to all my favorite attractions: the bird show, the auto shows, Hall of State, CORN DOGS, etc.
Unaware we were making the same face. On another note, who thought of these things? hmm i'm gonna take a picture of something completely random like flowers, blow it up really big, and cut holes for faces... Just seems weird, that's all.
For our ag friends everywhere.
At the Backyard Circus-- This is where dreams come true. When I was little, my only desire was to be the tight rope walker. Finally, after years of attending, they let me do it. My heart was overjoyed. We did not participate this year, since I think the average age is 4, but it will always have a special place in my heart!In front of Hall of State!! One of my favorite buildings in Texas! And it's all about Texas! hooray! I wrote an architecture report on this building in 6th grade, and have loved it ever since.
I think this appropriately shows our different personalities. While at the car show, we also picked out our "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" cars... Mine is a hummer. 13 miles to the gallon, baby... which means it will also be my "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a rich mom" car too!
My namesake!! yeahh!
I love you, explorer!!
Sunroof fun in the explorer. We didn't mean to match. People probably thought we were little high school besties who made the shirts just for the fair. false.In honor of all things fried, we tried a deep fried snickers. Although it did not look very good, it was fairly delicious. We split one. That was plenty. I also tried some of my brother's chicken fried bacon. It wasn't good.

We then made the 3 hour drive to College Station to meet up with our Towers friends! Oh happy day! We of course rocked out to Hannah Montana, Wicked, Hairspray, and Phantom all the way there. Then stopped at Starbucks to try to recover from the long car rides and sick nasty fair sweat and dirt.
The tailgate was so fun. Being able to chill and talk with friends you never see, but always miss, is so great. I am so comfortable around these people, after living through the best and worst of times at camp, it's like I've known them for years. They are my family.
I had many much needed conversations... One of which with my dear friend, Katie. I love you, girl! Talking to you is always such an encouragement... you make those you come into contact with feel appreciated and loved. See you Friday!
The tailgate itself was slightly overwhelming. Too many people for a non-otter. I tried really hard to be social... wandering from circle to circle in a circle... But finally just ended up sitting down and talking to one or two people for the remainder, until Jonathan, Drew and I decided to leave. After discussing our stressful weeks, we decided ice cream and a movie was the only answer. A lot of ice cream.
So we bought enough ice cream for 15 people, went to Drew's house, and watched Baby Mama. And then fell asleep. A. that movie is hilarious. B. Being able to not do anything for hours was so so nice.
We met up with some friends at Free Birds and got the monster burrito. It's the size of a baby. Seriously. We split it into three parts, and it ended up being a good amount!

For more pictures, click here and here.

Basically, moral of the story: I am blessed. I think I forget that way too often. I think I am entitled to certain things, when in reality, I am entitled to nothing. Which is a pretty sweet place to be in... Everything is a gift. Nothing is deserved. All by grace. That leaves me completely free to trust my Jesus.

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