Wednesday, January 21

So Heartless

I've just been really into blogging recently.
I have come up with a new journaling technique I am going to try. I taking a picture every day of something... none of myself or anything... just something that signifies my day. Then I will leave a space in my journal for it, and then print them out later and paste them in! I'm excited! The picture from 2 days ago was that day's picture. These are the two from the past two days:

I took this picture in the middle of class. haha! I was so scared I was going to get in trouble! But I turned my flash off, so he didn't notice. That's him teaching in front of the power point. It's a smaller class.

This is the view I had as I walked to class this morning. It was 29 degrees outside. Cold. But the song that was on my iPod as I was walking to class (not very happily, btw), was "Face of Love" by Sanctus Real... So those are some lyrics from it.

Speaking of songs, there are some good ones out there!
* My Life Would Suck Without You-- Kelly Clarkson
You've done it again, Kelly. Given us a great song to scream to in the car! I've had it on repeat.
* Live Your Life-- Rhianna and TI
I am still obsessed with this song... "We mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren't we?"
* Single Ladies-- Beyonce
I mean, seriously. It's good.
* Just Dance-- Lady GaGa
I don't like her name. haha but the song is so funny!
* Untouched-- The Veronicas
I love the Veronicas! I am so glad they came out with this song.

I've been rather impressed with the rap songs lately. I'm not really a fan, but I've liked most of the songs recently... and then I heard this song:
Heartless-- Kayne West
Leave it to Kayne to ruin it. The first part is so cool, and I really had hope... and then it just gets dumb!! "How could you be so heartless?" dumb! The best line is "How could you be so Dr. Evil?" hahaha what on earth...

I should probably do some homework or something. :) I can't wait for the weekend! Allison's coming! And then I get to go to Corpus! Hooray!

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Allison said...

i love that you love me :)