Wednesday, January 28

So I just got back from Corpus! Oh man, what a trip!
I met one of the admissions advisers and the department chair of psychology and neuroscience at the airport on Monday morning... Our flight into DFW was delayed due to fog. Now remember, I am scared of flying. So this whole fog thing was not working for me. I actually came to the realization that I have a major trust issue. I did not want to trust the pilots to do their jobs... I really wanted someone to explain to me how flying in fog works... But I mean seriously, even if I knew, what was I going to do about it?
So we finally got to DFW, and we missed our original flight, so we ate lunch at chili's too... and then flew to Corpus. I only had to keep myself from crying once... for this flight, I pulled out the iPod and listened to Matt Chandler.
The weather in Corpus was INCREDIBLE! The church we spoke at was on the coast, so we drove along the shore, and now I am dying to go to the beach. Around 100 people showed up to the rally that night... My presentation went well... didn't pass out or throw up or trip or anything. haha.
Uhm yeah ok so then we went to our hotel... We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Corpus. I got my own suite at the Embassy Suites in Corpus. It took EVERYTHING in me not to scream and jump up and down. Of course, the 4 people with me are older and were used to staying in hotels on their own. I literally did not know what to do with myself. I have NEVER had a hotel room to myself, much less a suite. So, of course, I gave a video tour for anyone who enjoys watching me on the camera. hah.

The next day, we left Corpus at 11 for Harlingen... The car ride was fairly uneventful... I was crammed into the back of the van. We got there around 2 and ate lunch. We were around 30 minutes north of the border, ps. And there were palm trees EVERYWHERE. I wanted to go to the beach so bad! We stayed and talked at the restaurant for 2 hours. There was the department chair, two admissions advisers, and the director of admission advising with me... I was the only student. So at lunch, I basically felt like I was in a faculty meeting. I learned SO much! About admissions, recruiting, scholarships, President Sloan, President Lilley, President Garland, President Obama... It was insane! I loved it! I was just soaking in as much as I could...
We did the rally at the hospital in Harlingen... About 150 people showed up. I really enjoyed speaking to them about Baylor and answering their questions from a student's perspective. It was awesome!
After, we went to Chili's in McAllen, where we were staying. I was so tired, I was about to fall asleep at the table. McAllen is an interesting place... It really reminded me of Plano, with palm trees... and a lot of spanish speaking people. The hotel here wasn't as nice, but it was just fine... :) I still couldn't believe I got my own room.
This morning, we had breakfast at the hotel, and they had a texas shaped waffle maker! haha! We thought that was so funny! I don't think Ohio or Colorado have waffle makers... I love Texas!
Although the weather down South was incredible, the weather in Dallas was not, so our flight was canceled. The next one we would be able to get would get us into Waco by 10:00 pm, so we decided to drive... 7.5 hours. Oh my goodness. It was crazy! I mean, I've done longer road trips, but I was mentally prepared. Not so much with this one... I slept in my little cave in the back and listened to my iPod for a lot of the trip. All the Baylor people had little wireless card things for their computers, so they were able to work in the car as we drove! How weird slash awesome is that!?! Baylor hooks people up, man. I can't believe I just flew to Corpus and ate yummy food and slept in king sized beds and didn't pay a thing! ahh! I am so blessed... seriously, it blows my mind. Why? Why on earth did I just get to do that?

Well anyway, it was a blast! the blog is not letting me upload pics or vids so check out my facebook!


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