Friday, January 2


Our journey actually started a few weeks ago, while we were still at school. We each received a wedding invitation from Mark "Too Good 2 Be True" Smedvig in the mail. We were so excited. The only catch was that the wedding was in Kansas City, Missouri, 669 miles from Allison's home town, where the trip would begin. Well, we decided that we only get to live once, and that we love our Missouri boys like woah, so what the heck!
The day after Christmas, Allison picked me up in Canton, and we drove to Garland to get Lindsey... that took a while because we couldn't find Lindsey's house, and she wasn't answering her phone. But we finally got there.

The next stop was Edmond, Oklahoma, to pick up Abbey. The trip was hilarious. Sweet Allison had never experienced the George Bush toll booths... I wish I could add all the videos we took...

We got to Oklahoma that night, and explored Oklahoma City... It was a blast! We got to see Toby Keith's bar and grill! haha...

We left early the next morning for Kansas City... We drove for around 5 hours. We danced to many a song, and got a few of them on tape... When we got to KC, we were 3 hours early... We moved into Starbucks to get ready for the wedding. Lacey met us there... it was a joyous reunion.
The wedding was a blast... all 6 hours of it. ha!

There was a dollar dance, so we each got to dance with Smedy... I really liked the size of the reception... it was small enough that we actually got to talk to Mark instead of him and Chelsea having to scurry around the whole time.
There was so much dancing... even Soldiers!! What Pine Cove wedding wouldn't?
We loved seeing our Towers friends!! This is us, minus Rumpum and Little Kevin Walker. They had already left.
We stayed at the officiator of the wedding's house... Oh my goodness. The house was huge. HUGE. It had a basement, a lower floor, a regular floor with the living room, a raised floor with the kitchen/dining room, and office, maybe? and then a 2nd story with bedrooms. It was beautiful. And we had fun with a floor to ourselves. However, I must add: Missouri is COLD. It had snowed while we were in the wedding, and I wish we had gotten us walking up the yard... or small hill, as I like to call it, to the house on video. I had probably been in heels longer than I ever had in my life... We were exhausted and not used to the cold weather... Allison sneezed with her hands full and had snot running down her face, so Lacey wiped her nose for her. Anyway, it was slightly miserable. haha. But short lived. We told the family that we didn't need any more blankets or sleeping bags... In the middle of the night, Lacey left the air mattress and curled up in front of the space heater, taking warmth over the threat of catching her hair on fire... I ended up crawling onto the couch with Allison... we were SO cold. The next night, when we came back, we found tons of blankets and sleeping bags... HAHA. They had come down during the day and seen our small, good-enough-for-Texas blankets and felt sorry for us! They were so funny about it... We think that they were actually thinking, "IDIOTS... those stupid girls from Texas with their little blankets..." haha... Needless to say, that night, we slept quite comfortably.
On Sunday, we explored Downtown Kansas City while waiting for an IHOP-KC conference to start... The conference was definitely an experience... haha.

After the first session, the four of us (Allison stayed) joined our camp friends, Josiah, Bryce, and Joe and they showed us the cool, Christmasy parts of KC. Tons of photo opps. They say: Let's blow kisses!
In my head: yeah, like I'm going to blow kisses to a camera...
Josiah captured it... hah
Couldn't quite reach the cone...
HUGE christmas tree!!
That tree was hanging from the ceiling...
We went to a four story Barnes and Noble!! and Buca di Beppo!! hooray! PS, check out my Baylor Harry Potter scarf!!
Bryce and I were the only ones who had been to Buca... we were excited...
The trip back was slightly uneventful... until we started making it so... We took themed pictures, and called staffers for phone interviews... and then played a game with our phones involving calling friends and having to guess who it was... HAHA oh man... Thank you, dear Towers friends, for enduring the results of our boredom. I think we called almost PC Towers staffer in our phones... We also stopped at a McDonalds in Oklahoma that is built OVER the highway!!

wowzers, this is long! hooray for successful roadtrips! I just want to say that I love Pea, Belle, Chrismiss, StaGotta, Too Good, Miscow, and Salty like woah and I'm so glad we got to experience the deep community God has blessed us with through PC... It was grand...

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