Saturday, January 24


Well I promised a pic of my hat I made... and I finally got to wear it today! So here's the pic... I don't like pics of just me... so taking it was amusing... Anyway, how hilarious is that hat?!
Allison came! We went to this cute little store, and then drove around the circle 3 WHOLE TIMES without getting off!! aahh! and went to Common Grounds... and ate at Health Camp... ya know, just chillaxed. We also drove to the Waco airport so I could see what it looked like so I wouldn't have a complete nervous breakdown on Monday morning.
I am getting sick... spring allergies hate me. Or I hate them... Maybe both. But I am losing my voice... NOT GOOD. My nose is so stuffy! I am taking sudafed every 4 hours... merrr.
You should run the bearathon. This was my picture for my journal on Thursday bc I walked by and saw this and got so excited! Not that I am running the bearathon... haha. But I think you should!! Check it out!
I'm in the middle of watching lost... I think I watched them out of order... daang it. As in the first one second and the second one first... :/ O well!


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Matt said...

Well, at least your watching your recommended daily allowance of LOST - even if it is out of order. :)