Monday, January 19

oh snap today was beautiful! The wind was blowing pretty hard so sitting in it was not pleasant, but it was so pretty to look at! I walked to common grounds to do homework for a while. And listened to Mae while I did it. It just made the experience so much more pleasant.

This past weekend, I went to my grandparents' to relax. We went to Golden Corral! haha! I hadn't been there since my high school rented out the room for the 10th and 11th graders after we took the PSAT! Anyway, I decided that with whoever my next boyfriend is, the poor soul, I want to go to Golden Corral for the first date... and I am so not kidding. I figure that first dates are awkward as it is, and I really don't like cliche cutsy stuff, especially for the first date, and I'm a fairly awkward person, so why not just make it funny and go eat somewhere you never would otherwise! My love language is quality time, so I really don't care where we eat or what we do, so why not?!? :) Well anyway, I'm excited. haha

I got to see my girls that I've coached for over a year today! I missed them so much! Ah I love them!

I'm so excited about Corpus, although I am still so nervous about flying. :/

Oh, back to the grandparents outing. I made a hat!! I will take a picture some time and show you. It's a great hat! haha. I didn't think it would look turn out ok. But it is wearable. The weekend was good because I actually wanted to come back to Baylor. Last week, I didn't want to be here at all. I don't know, even today I am struggling with the "Be Here Be Now." But it was good because I was able to get away and then was able to actually miss Baylor.

I am a major advocate of making lists and scratching things off. Sometimes I add things to the list that I already did just so I can make lines through them. I have to scratch off calander days in syllabi or I freak out.

Ok, going to bed. More life later.

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