Friday, February 20

all i wanna do is be with you...

So I watched HSM3 for the first time today... I had already heard the soundtrack quite a bit from work, but I must say, the movie was just as good as I had hoped. I will now live vicariously through the soundtrack until I find my Troy Bolton. baha

This week was weird. I almost failed a forensic psych class! whoopee! mmm yes.
Kaitlyn is coming tomorrow morning... I'm so excited.
I need to find business professional attire to wear to a conference next weekend... let's be honest, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FOR. I was in Forever 21 the other day and felt so lost. so so lost. But I found the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen. I want them. I've never understood why shoes are so expensive. Jeans, too... It's ridiculous.

I am so ready for this semester to be over. I feel weird.

I found encouragement from this song this week:

You raise me beyond the skies, into a city of eternal light
Looking down on the stars, I fly into heaven, caught up in your arms

I breath Your fragrance, taste Your goodness,
Crumble to pieces into Your love
In Your presence all my existence crumbles to pieces into Your love

I’m speechless, what can I say
Words become tears as You wipe them away
All my kisses and crowns at Your feet
Fire of heaven burn love over me

It’s such a beautiful story
I’m face to face with the King of Glory
You rescued someone unworthy, I know this is Love
[Crumble to Pieces-- Phil Wickham]

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