Sunday, February 1

we have boys here... a few...

Here is a pic from the plane on Monday... it was nice once we got above the fog...
Yesterday and today have been absolutely gorgeous days... It's so funny that classes were canceled on Wednesday due to ice.
I'm pretty sure I'm all baylored out at this point... Thursday was the only day last week I wasn't talking about Baylor to the masses...
On Friday, I gave a tour to middle schoolers... Too cool, gangsta middle schoolers. There were about 55 of them, so a friend and I split the group in half and each took a group. First of all, middle schoolers don't care about Judge Baylor and Pat Neff... They care about boys. Most of the kids there were girls... oh my gosh. And in middle school, you still have that level of boldness that you never regain after you hit 9th grade because you have no idea what it means to be socially appropriate and you are at the top of your game in 8th grade! Below are a few samples of our conversations:
Them: Where are all the people?
Me: In class...
Them: Are we going to see any of them?
Me: yes, they will be getting out when we are walking around...
Them: Are there boys?
Me: Yes, we have boys here... The ratio is not in your favor, though.
Them: Are they cute?
Me: Some of them...
Them: Will we see any basketball players?
Me: I don't know, maybe...
Them: Are there any crazy parties here?
Me: You can find just about anything if you look hard enough...
Them: Well, are they good?
Me: I've not really been to any crazy parties, so I don't know...
Them: How are the clubs?
Me: And moving on...

[The boys are let loose... aka between classes]
They proceed to say heeyyy to EVERY_SINGLE_GUY who passes us... I was laughing so so so hard. They had no idea how ridiculous they looked... and how old I felt... hah.

Them: Why can't we see any of the basketball players?
Me: They aren't on display!
Them: Well, are they cute?
Me: Some of them...

We get to the bears, and they FREAK OUT... They were so excited...
Them: Do they bite?
Me: They are bears... so I would think so.
As excited as they were, the excitement level sky-rocketed when I informed them that we were going to be eating at Penland, the largest freshman guys residential hall... oh screams of joy.

It was the most hilarious tour I have ever given.
Yesterday was Winter Premiere, which was ironic bc it was a beautiful spring day... So more tours, but with people who were actually interested in going to Baylor. I had one group who was seriously attacking me for saying that Baylor was unashamedly Christian and that you have to take two Christian courses and chapel to graduate. It was odd. One of the guys in StuFu was trying to get his group to open up, so when they got to Pat Neff and he was telling them about the 23.5 carat gold top, they didn't really react to him asking about it's blinding glare, so he said, "it's so bright because God's glory is around the top of it..." hahaha I love Baylor!

I saw Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night. Great, great movie. Go see it. There is this one part that was a complete slap in the face to Americans. Like woah. Just go see it.

First greek test this week. dangit. ugh. I hate everything about Greek. hah. I've never had a class that has the potential of making me feel physically sick when I think about it.

Since it is such a beautiful day, I am going to go outside and read and journal and study until the SUPPPERRRRBOWLLL PARTAYYY tonight! whoop! It's my favorite holiday. Although the commercialism of it is absolutely disgusting and so American and we should be ashamed of ourselves. So now at this point I am reevaluating my favor of it... I like the competativeness... and the community that takes place at the parties... But what would America be without trying to "save the world" and spending billions of dollars on a night of football at the same time? Oh, I know, the economy has affected the superbowl too... The lowest price of tickets is now $500 instead of $700... Whatever, I don't even know what to say about that. I generally pick who I want to win based on their helmets... Unless they are the Patriots... I always want them to win. Don't ask me why, I don't remember... I chose them in high school and just stuck with it. So this year, I guess I want the Steelers to win. Let's be honest, I don't care about professional football... I come from a MLB family... the World Series is much easier to choose for.

peace. love. sic em.

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