Monday, February 16

i'm not sure if i should post this. haha.

I'm alive!! I still feel sick every now and then, and take long naps during the day to ward off weird, feel like I'm drowning headaches, and walking to class makes me extremely out of breath... hah. But other than that, I feel much better than I did last week.
Tuesday through Thursday I did absolutely nothing besides lay in the middle of my living room floor and watch Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Pride and Prejudice, and Mamma Mia, and then of course Lost when it came on. I realized that every love song is so trivial after watching Pride and Prejudice. What the heck, just give me Darcy.

On Friday, I ventured out into the world. I took a shower first, which resulted in me laying on the couch after for 10 minutes because I almost passed out in the shower... Until then I had not stood for longer than 3 minutes. Then I walked 2 blocks to the StuFu building to pick up some paper work... oooh that was brave. I came back and fell asleep for an hour. haha! I felt like a grandma!

On Saturday, most of my family came to visit! yay! We went to Common Grounds for a Falling Whistles benefit, which I just had to sit inside CG for most of it bc I got so tired... Then we went to the Baylor/aTm mens basketball game, which, although it ended spendidly and I will never regret going to that game, resulted in the awful, I think I am drowning in my head, headache that did not go away until this morning. The energy at that game was freakin incredible. The last time aTm was at Baylor for basketball, they(the players) were terribly arrogant and a rivalry had already been instilled because a month before, we beat them on their court in the 5th overtime... Anyway, I remember leaving the game absolutely furious because of their disgusting attitudes... in fact, "Donald Sloan dunk" is a suggested search on google, so I guess people like to watch it... hah. uughhh I was so mad. People started throwing things at him. hahaha. So on Saturday, there was a little hatred left over, especially for Sloan, and so he was booed every.single.time he touched the ball. Now, I think booing is immature and stooping to their level, so I do not participate, but I still thought it was funny. He would touch the ball and they would boo... he would pass it soon after, and the booing would stop immediately. I just find it so weird that guys have this universal alarm to boo a specific guy every time... I don't think girls think of that... at least, I wouldn't have... It's not like they had a rally before, saying that is what they were going to do... they just did it... Oh and I wasn't one of the crowd members cussing or throwing things or even booing at either games, so... please don't give me a lecture on sportsmanship or class. Both teams could work on both. I honestly don't think I had the lung capacity for booing at that point in my healing process. I probably would have passed out.
Anyway, the game was glorious, and now we have another player to boo, because after chasing Jerrells around the court trying to foul him for the last 4 seconds of the game, he shoved him right when the buzzer went off, resulting in an explosion on both benches and a fight almost taking place. It was pretty lame but I guess aTm wanted to make sure the tension was still high for next year. Seriously, don't touch Curtis.

I am writing a paper on the liberal Christian's view of capital punishment, so if you have any good books about it or any good insight, please let me know!

I think the "25 Random Things" on facebook is so weird. haha. It's seriously taking over the world. And I think it's so funny when people use it to make themselves look good. As if writing about your high school accomplishments is really making you look good. And I've read some of them, but honestly, I think people just want to write about themselves more than actually have anyone read them. Now, I filled it out, it's true. I'm not going to try to explain the conflicts that go through my brain every day. But I also think I just made myself look like a freak. haha. But if you really did want to know, I have in fact "sung and spoke in front of hundreds of people since I was 5... and I played softball for my high school... and I won pottery and quilting awards in elementary school..." yes yes, I excel as a person. Thank you, facebook, for allowing me to share this with the world. And I didn't even write those on my 25 things, you blog readers got special insight, right there...

Speaking of facebook, it's boring and I deactivated my account. Which was really lame timing when I got the flu for a week right after, and the only thing my mom allowed me to touch was my computer, blanket, pillow, and phone. boo germs.

I think that people decided dark chocolate was good for you because they just wanted an excuse to eat chocolate. And dark chocolate is a lame excuse for chocolate, ps. Oh and drinking milk is unnatural. I will stand by that statement. People say I am an opinionated person... I'm not sure how I feel about that...

Amos 5:15

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Allison said...

i love you, hales, no matter what.

...and just for the record i LOVE dark chocolate and drink milk straight out of the gallon :)