Monday, February 9

I think I'm getting sick.

Short and sweet:

* Today, a miracle took place. The Dean of the CASA let me switch greek professors... something he even told me would not be possible. I don't really know what happened. He didn't even have my name right. He kept calling me Heather... haha. But for some reason, he decided to go against everything he has ever done as dean, and let me switch. I had a dance party.

* I am officially old. I just got an email saying to order my senior ring. At first, I thought it didn't mean me... hah. But I looked at my transcript, and, sure enough, I have more than enough hours. I'm sorry, when did I turn into an old person? Ew I'm so freaked out right now. I'm not even 20.5 yet. haha.

* Two tests tomorrow. ew.

* They showed my hotel video to all of student foundation on sunday at our meeting. oh my gosh.

* No more facebook for a while.

* Oh and I'm going back to camp. baha.


ps, Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack= SO worth ten dollars... buy it!

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kimberly said...

Haley! I am so excited for you going back to camp! Crazy how faithful God is to teach us and bless us. Love you! p.s. Do you have classes on Fridays?