Sunday, August 17

In My Life Be Lifted High

L.A.D-- I.E.S, I.E.S
Ashley's little sister!! Such a blessing!
I was unfairly attacked and soaked before PBA even started...
I am obviously not in this picture but the kid staring at Lindsey makes me laugh so hard...
Billy Peligreen's Totally Tubular Time Machine...
Advertising diet, sugar-free water
Monday night sugar cookies!
Thanks to us, hundreds of children's lives were saved
We were M&Ms that day... And I had one skittle. haha I LOVED those girls
Only at the Towers...
Belle made the mistake of trying to tackle me in the buffalo pit.
4 to the 4th
Waiting to be slain
The scariest part of buffalo hunt... waiting for 270 kids to come up over the hill chanting the prize buffalo's name...
Myself and the Down family... Black Hawk and Break It
SICK SICK SICK... We seriously prayed that no kids would drown in the pit
I love her... Last PBA of 08
5th Grade Trip
Hanging out at Lake Prophecy
Friday Night Pizza
Waiting to hand out snack... Right before 2 very muddy, very wet girls jumped on my back... and right after one of those same girls put a frog down my shirt.

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