Friday, November 28

I LOVE mashed potatoes!

I'm sitting in my bedroom at home, surrounded by orange walls and pictures from high school. I've made an effort not to change out the pictures in my room at home because I want it to hold as many memories as possible. The new pictures are with me at college. My counselor/cabin pictures line my window sill along with the ones from all the father/daughter conferences. My CQ Certificates line the top of one wall. I look at those now, and I laugh. First of all, most of my counselors had it easy. Many of the certificates don't follow the same strict guidelines the Towers counselors now have to follow... Also, very few of the qualities are the same... Sure, I got friendly a couple times, confident a couple times, joyful a couple times... I even got creative and outgoing as a senior. Weird.
I just got up and read them off my wall, and I want to take a moment to share my very first CQ when I was going into 4th grade.

Gentleness is a quality you possess. [HA]
I appreciate the consideration you have for others and
the compassion that can be seen in your heart. Keep learning!

I'm just posting this so my PC friends can look at it and laugh... :) First and second person is definitely not allowed now. I also find it funny that one of the things I have to work SO hard at being is the first quality mentioned. Maybe she just couldn't think of anything else. I understand that completely.

I am going to post, probably tomorrow, about some things that have been on my heart recently, but my dad wants to use my computer to watch the Baylor basketball game, so I figure I should get this to him pretty soon.

I got my hair cut... My grandfather cut it yesterday. It's just below the shoulders. I loove it. I went over to my best friend from high school's house today and she was like "oh, you already cut it," and I said, "yeah, my grandfather cut it yesterday..." She stared at me like I was crazy. So I
added, "He's a barber." "OOHH... I was like, 'mmann you're brave, I would not let my grandparents cut my hair..." hahaha. Besties from college are wanting pictures, but I left my camera cord in Waco, so they will have to wait to see it live. I want to dye my hair, I just don't know if I want to deal with all the root problems, since I finally got my hair back to it's normal color.

My cousin says I should sell plasma to raise money to get to France. My brother suggested selling a kidney. I said I would rather get to France with all my body parts. My cousin told me that I needed to make sacrifices.

I watched Wall*e today for the first time. That movie is LEGIT. I'm a big fan. Disney going green.

I also saw Batman for the first time. I loved it because it was Batman, but it kind of disturbed me. What kind of superhero can't save the girl? Yeah, he's hot and all, but he.can'!

It felt good to watch aTm get destroyed by UT. Now I'm just hoping that Tech will be tired enough from getting blown out by OU last week that we might have a chance. :)

My brother learned we have unlimited texting the other day and now all he does is send me really obnoxious text messages. Yesterday he went through all the smiley faces. One at a time. sandwiches.

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