Sunday, November 23

open up your box of sunshine

I am so ready for Thanksgiving break... snap. I have to write 10 weeks of journaling for my psychotherapy lab... merr... I have 5 weeks done, but the other five might take a little longer.

Yesterday, I cleaned up trash along the highway... We looked like convicts. But we weren't... just your friendly Baylor students steppin out! We found a few diapers. Why, WHY would you have a smelly diaper in the car? Please do not tell me you changed the child's diaper in a vehicle going 80 mph. They warned us of ants, spiders, scorpions, and rattlesnakes before we went out there. They also told us to stay 1-2 feet away from the pavement because drivers don't slow down and you could bend down and then stand up and get your head chopped off by a mirror. Awesome. I seriously thought I was going to die. But we got to wear slash KEEP some wicked vests!

I made a pie for the StuFu thanksgiving dinner tonight. I felt so accomplished. I've made that pie tons of times but never in my own kitchen. Without a mixer. It's a little goopy, but whatev.

I just got done talking to my brother on the phone. I called him at 9:30. He was asleep. Regardless of what time it is, he is ALWAYS asleep when I call him. Anyway, we are going to NYC this summer to play slash sing on the street corners. He says he has to work but I'll convince him.

I want to write a book. I wish I had an eventful life.

I am getting a little boy his Christmas wish... He wished for shoes. At first, I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to go pick out some sweet toy, but then I got depressed by the fact that he could have wished for whatever he wanted and he said shoes. A ten-year-old boy who is so in need that he wishes for shoes. No specific kind. Just shoes. Sometimes I wish for shoes... But it's always a certain kind, and never because I really need them. Yeah, sometimes I "need" them... I always justify it with, "well I have no warm shoes..." or "I need shoes to wear at camp." Okay, selfish. There are kids who live across the highway who don't have shoes that fit them. That money could go to someone who actually needs it... Man I feel so convicted right now.

On a slightly different note, I thought I would share my top 25 played list from iTunes, because I find great humor slash joy in it. haha. I feel like I should add the last date plaid to justify myself... maybe...

1. Mary's Song-- Taylor Swift
2. Stay Beautiful-- Taylor Swift
3. Should've Said No-- Taylor Swift
4. Our Song-- Taylor Swift
5. I'd Lie-- Taylor Swift
6. Bubbly-- Colbie Caillat
7. Everything-- Michael Buble
8. From the Inside Out-- Hillsong
9. Famous In A Small Town-- Miranda Lambert
10. How Can I Keep From Singing-- Chris Tomlin
11. I'm Only Me When I'm With You-- Taylor Swift
12. I Am Nothing-- Shawn McDonald
13. How Great-- David Crowder(not sure how this one got on there above other dcb songs)
14. Everything Is You-- Eli Young Band
15. Picture To Burn-- Taylor Swift
16. Yellow-- Coldplay
17. Home-- Michael Buble
18. Only You-- David Crowder
19. Love Song for a Savior-- Jars of Clay
20. Fearless-- Taylor Swift
21. If We Were A Movie-- Hannah Montana(I'm not sure if I should feel embarrassed by that...)
22. A Song For You-- Michael Buble
23. Love Story-- Taylor Swift
24. You Belong With Me-- Taylor Swift
25. The Way I Am-- Ingrid Michaelson

yeah I started to and that didn't help my cause at all. haha. welp... I like Taylor Swift? Also--Boats and Birds by The Scene Aesthetic is bueno.

lots of love.

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kimberly said...

It really made me laugh that Taylor Swift was on there so much. awesome. I love looking at what other people are listening too... perhaps that is why I post playlists as well. Love you friend!