Thursday, November 6

There's something about the way the street looks when it's just rained

more political 7-year-olds... maan they just get more passionate every day.

me: did yall watch the election?
one girl: who won!?!
me: Obama
her: NNOOOOOOOOOOOO.... [literally... yelling... really really loud...] I HAATTEE HIMM... NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
me: why did you not want him to win?
her and her sister: he took my mom's job away.

me to another girl: why don't you like Obama?
her: I don't like what he stands for.
me: really? What does he stand for?
her: I don't know, that's just what my mom said.

me: What else do yall know about Obama?
girl: well, he's the first African American president.
me: yeah, how do you feel about that?
her: it's HORRIBLE.
me: why?
her: because I HATE Obama... I wouldn't want the first to be him...

me: why do you like mccain?
The only answer I really got for this besides "i dont know" or "he's nice" was "he was a prisoner of war, and survived being tortured."

One little 2nd grader liked Obama because he didn't like the war, and neither did she.

I think we forget sometimes that kids are sponges, and while their facts might not always be straight, they read actions much better than words. Their views of the candidates reflected a less guarded version of their parents' beliefs. They didn't know the facts but what they caught onto was the emotion. Kids are smart, and they are watching.

Oh, here's another good one from one of my first graders:
me: we're doing tuck jumps, so bring your knees to your bellybutton, and keep your arms by your ears!
her: yeah! it's like your armpits and ears are married, and your knees and bellybutton are married.

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