Monday, November 24

I'm Still a Rockstar

I thought I should post my most recently played list in order to redeem myself...

1. Jason Mraz
2. Gregory and the Hawk
3. P!nk
4. Jars of Clay
5. Joe Nichols
6. Tofer Brown
7. Daughtry
8. Natasha Bedingfield
9. Gregory and the Hawk
10. David Crowder Band
11. Carrie Underwood
12. A Fine Frenzy
13. Metro Station
14. Cross Canadian Ragweed
15. Chris Tomlin
16. Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus
17. Pat Green
18. Miranda Lambert
19. Michael Buble
20. Lady Antebellum
21. Ray LaMontagne
22. Robbie Seay Band
23. Dave Barnes
24. Hannah Montana
25. Kenny Chesney

AND I rekindled my passion for pandora... looove it. Currently, I am listening to my Jason Mraz station... and it's Jack Johnson right now.

Today was Sic 'Em Day... I went and talked to prospective students about Baylor! For some reason they always laugh... at... with me? Haha. My only desire is that they love Baylor when they leave, and if that means I have to act ridiculous, so be it.

I got up early for Sic 'Em day, and then realized that my first class was canceled. I was a little bummed, because if I hadn't signed up for Sic 'Em Day, I could have slept till... 10:30! But no such luck today. I'm looking forward to Wednesday, when I can, for the first time in a long time, sleep until I wake up on my own.

I only got hit in the face once today at work. Record. She got me good, too.

I painted a masterpiece the other day. I like it. Haha I'm just kidding about it being a masterpiece... I didn't want to say picture because that sounds childish... But I didn't paint like a wall or anything. hah.

My roomie and I are currently obsessed with P!nk's song, So What... I decided it will be my new theme song after the "Bad Day" phase ends. So what? Our favorite part is the Jessica Simps part. hah. I noticed that Simps didn't come up as spelt weird, so I looked it up. I was unaware that was a word. haha. I'm glad it wasn't a bad word. Or maybe it is... sorry folks. That P!nk is sneaky.


laceface said...

right now i have my pandora playing my "All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)" station. i'm seriously addicted to pandora.... it sure beats paying for iTunes.

Jessie said...

I also am addicted to "So What" just so you know. I downloaded it right after I got to Spain when it first came out and have since been obsessed during my time here. I rock out to it as I walk down the street and Spanish people stare at me, haha. As I was telling Lacey, the word verifications on here should be words themselves a lot of the time I think. The one right now is "bobselo" which is like Spanglish for bobsled, haha. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!

Sir Pixalot said...

You need some more Jon Foreman in your life.