Wednesday, November 19

Though There's Pain in the Offering

What does it look like to live in confident dependence on God? I understand what it means to depend on God... I would not be where I am if I was independent. But sometimes, when He's the only Hope left, I struggle with trusting Him confidently. Really, the only thing that makes me believe He will follow through is the fact that if He wants me where He has me, He HAS to come through. I know He is faithful... I have seen Him work. But when I am left here waiting for Him to come, I sometimes forget that He will.

I want to go to France. SO bad. I just want to get away. Hopefully I will be able to come up with the money for the plane rides. And then talk myself into getting onto the plane. I hate public modes of transportation. All of them. Ew.

A man gave me a free stress bear today. Guess he could tell it's been a rough semester. hah. The bear is cute. Although I have never understood how squeezing a foam ball relieves stress. Maybe it will help.

I hate Greek.

Blue Like Jazz is being made into a movie. Weird.

Baylor basketball is dominating... :) Love it.

I am hopefully joining the International Justice Mission- Baylor chapter next semester. And I'm looking into interning for Compassion International in Colorado Springs.

This picture is a framer:

We were trying to all stand on the fence for the self-timer...
Blair toppled off, brought Sam with her, and Blake followed, I guess...
and then the camera went off. Love it.

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